The Central Aviation Weather Station of the NVA in the TO-02
The workstation of the ZFWW duty officer (GA-VI).
The Central Aviation Weather Station of the NVA had a special position within the special position.
It was the superior department for the air, land and sea forces of the National People's Army of the GDR.
Since 1987 it was in charge of the digital satellite image processing station "WILMA-4" equipped.
This computer system embodied the scientific state of the art of the time.

The parabolic antenna with a diameter of 4.30m was automatically tracked and stood directly on the protective structure.
The weather information center was the collection and distribution point of the meteorological service of the NVA for weather reports.
From here the EDP project K09 for the transfer and processing of meteorological information from the Weather News System "POGODA" and the reception of satellite data.
A view into the map room of the Central Aviation Weather Station in the A gallery with the typical sloping walls of the TO-02.
The weather charts could be drawn automatically with a digigraph.