Combat sections
The service within the NVA "Fuchsbau" was organized in 10 combat sections (GA).
All heads of the combat sections were subordinate to the head of the "FBZ-Raduga".
His workrooms were located on the north gable of the head building.

The operational battle sections included:

DFBZ: The Duty Crew Commander and Deputy to the Chief of Air Staff
. GA-I: The Reconnaissance and Information Center of the Air Defense Radio-Technical Forces
. GA-III: The group of flight control and SAR control center
GA-IV: The Direction Group for command and control of own forces and means
GA-VI: The Central Aeronautical Meteorological Station of the NVA
GA-VII: The intelligence and air traffic control group

The securing areas in the bunker were divided into the following combat sections:

GA-II: The automated battle management system "ALMAS-2"
GA-V: The computer center with the system ESER-EC 1056 for battle preparation
. GA-VIII: The group of technical supply systems for both protective structures
GA-IX: The intelligence operations battalion of the intelligence regiment 14

Also subordinate to the head of the office were:

The political department with SED party secretary,FDJ secretary and the head of the cultural institution
. The group of rear security with the medical service,the financial economy,the accommodation service,the motor vehicle security,the food and clothing service. ARIG-14 Combat Intelligence Group
. The guard company (see also the report of a former guard soldier)