The computer center of the ZGS-14 in TO-01 around 1990
The duty officer of the EDP area at the control panel in room 52.1 of the 2nd basement.
In 1985, this combat section was equipped with the most modern mainframe computer system of the GDR of the type ESER EC 1056.
The computer center in ZGS-14 (the combat section V) performed battle preparation tasks.
Daily it had to make calculations of data on the combat deployment of air forces, the forces and means of air defense, on the radio navigation field of the radio-technical troops,of meteorological command information, the verification of operational-tactical data of the air enemy's forces and assets, as well as the verification and and processing of data for the command and control of own forces and means.
Magnetic tape and disk storage in the computer center in room 62.1 on the 2nd basement floor.
The data center had its own separate air conditioning system.
After 1995:

Deplorable remains of magnetic disk storage in the former battle preparation computer center (GA-V) in the 2nd basement.