supply systems in „Fuchsbau“

supply systems in „Fuchsbau“

The dispatcher room in the "new building" TO-01


From the dispatcher room in the 2.UG the complete technical supply of the protective structure with its over 190 rooms for the different modes of operation was controlled and monitored.
The lock when entering and leaving was controlled from here by the dispatcher.
Each structure was also divided into 2 hermetically separated fire compartments,whose control center was here.
Here ran also the controls for the current, air, water and sewage supply of the bunkers together.
From 4 external deep wells, the cooling water was pumped into the structure and controlled here.
The high-voltage fuse system around the actual bunker area was also operated from here.
Left in the picture the switch cabinet for the changeover of the operating modes I,II and III.
In the background the mains substitute control for the 4 diesel aggregates, which could suck in combustion air over a mass cooler installed in the bunker ceiling also with Napalm attacks.
On the right in the background the switch cabinet for the outside air monitoring equipment DAU, which in the case of limit value transgressions, enabled automatic operating mode control of the building hermetization.
In addition to a civilian ESER EC-1056 mainframe system for battle preparation in the GA-V,equipped with its own air conditioning system,other extensive technical equipment to ensure automatic operation was housed in the protective structure,which was functionally divided into 10 battle sections.
Thus 4 ship diesel aggregates for the emergency current supply, an automatic mains substitute plant, three converter generators for the production of 400Hz alternating voltage, ABC air filter plants, as well as several systems for cooling, whereby at the beginning the cooling water won from own wells was led off into the close Petersdorfer lake. From 1983, an external cooling system was used to dissipate the heat in the building, where the temperature in the technical rooms was 28 °C.

water supply systems in TO-01


In the 2nd basement the room with the pumps for the cooling water supply of the structure.
The water was pumped into the structure from its own deep wells at a temperature of about 8°C.


The pump room of the cooling water system.
Via the ladder and the wall breakthrough it was possible to get into the cooling water storage tanks.
The water heated in the climatic block was led from here via a specially constructed sewer system into Lake Petersdorf.


Since cooling with well water was very cost-intensive,the water was the water was finally cooled to the required temperature in a closed circuit with the aid of external cooling compressors.

Air supply systems in TO-01


Huge fans drew in 40,000m³ of building air per hour and conveyed it through several filter systems and the 3 air-conditioning blocks into all the workrooms.
The exhaust air is discharged to the outside via the pressure flap.
Sanitary, kitchen and waste rooms are ventilated separately.


Filters of different purposes are installed in the chambers of the supply air system.
Dust filters, absorption filters, odor filters, thermal filters and regeneration cartridges are used.


Depending on the driven operating mode, breathing air is fed into the corresponding filter systems via various motorized sliders.
During normal operation, outside air is drawn through coarse dust filters and to the outside.
During protective operation, outside air is additionally drawn through prefilters and absorption filters.
In the hermetization case, only recirculated air operation with overpressure maintenance is run and airlock operation with compressed air is performed. There is no aeration and deaeration.

The emergency power supply in the TO-01


In the 2.basement is the room with the 4 marine diesel engines of the emergency power supply for the protective structure.
. Always preheated, they started automatically in case of power failure and were ready for use after 20s.
Behind this door there are 4 tank containers with the fuel for the diesel generator set
The thermo-sensor for automatic rerouting of diesel intake air on the construction surface of the TO-01.


Also in the 2.UG is the room for the 2 aggregates of the uninterruptible power supply for selected consumers.
. Here in the picture the Soviet system UGP-50.

Electric power was supplied from 2 separate national networks of Fürstenwalde and Petersdorf.
The connection value was 2000 kW.
The transformers are located outside the structure.

For the supply of the guidance system "ALMAS" with 400Hz voltage provided 3 converter generators in the distribution room.
One converter was always in operation.
With alarm release a further one was switched on.
The 3.aggregate could be used as reserve alternatively.

The dispatcher room in the protective structure of the "old building" TO-0


The dispatcher room of the "old building" TO-02 is almost completely preserved.
This was the location of the structure's old emergency power system until 1976.


The typical oval tubular profile of the "old building" TO-02 with a diameter of 4.60 meters houses the room climate control system.

The dining room in the old building


Cleared dining room of the on-duty construction crew.
Here were tables for four soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers.
In the corner, under the ceiling, hung a TV set.
But the fan noise from the air conditioner was much more powerful, so there was hardly any audience.
In the background you can see the kitchen rooms of TO-02.


The airlock area from the head building into TO-02.
It is said that there were people who prayed in the airlock that the door would open again and that the intercom system would work...