Instead of an epilogue, a "true" story from the "Berliner Kurier" of July 14, 1991:
Under 20 meters of concrete - Never discovered by NATO
"Fuchsbau" in front of Berlin - Nuclear warfare center of the Soviets

"An event - two years ago as unattainably distant as German unification: Last week, senior gentlemen from an American defense contractor toured the German command center of the Soviets and the Warsaw Pact for nuclear war. nuclear war.
The "Fuchsbau",the top-secret bunker system in the Rauen mountains,outside Berlin. For years, NATO searched for the "Fuchsbau" and failed to find it - until the Soviets handed it over to the Bundeswehr at the beginning of the year.
The headquarters for missiles directed against the West and for the air defense of the GDR of the GDR was hidden under 20 meters of concrete on four floors below ground. Direction Bad Saarow,at Petersdorf right away - a narrow asphalt road through wooded terrain.
Until the middle of last year, there were three separate, closely guarded safety zones here. Security zones.For each a special pass was required.
Around a bend several buildings,barbed wire fences,warning signs that threaten use of firearms.
Now there are Bundeswehr posts everywhere at the "foxhole."
Tap-proof direct lines ran from here to Moscow, to the high command of the Soviet forces near Wünsdorf and to Strausberg, to the staff of the NVA. Manfred B.,ex-NVA major and responsible at the "Fuchsbau" for liaison with the Soviet forces,describes the facility: "The heart of the command center lies under the buildings.
Deep in the ground,safe against nuclear and neutron bombs."
It was built in a disused mine.
In the two middle floors of the four The two middle floors of the four underground levels contain the most modern electronics available in the East. From the "Fuchsbau", the nuclear missiles at Waren-Müritz,Pinneberg near Schwedt,Jena-Lobeda,Eisenach and Lychen were "commanded".........."
And years later: The reader may now judge for himself...
In engineering terms, this building complex was a masterstroke.
Even after the decommissioning a use as a technical museum of air defense with a functioning "ALMAS" system would have been conceivable.
On the projection screens, the large-view display panels and at the workstations in the command and control room, it would have been possible to present "live shows" interactively with the real air situation data from Cold War times stored on magnetic tapes and rolls of film.
But unfortunately, the only "ALMAS" computer system of the GDR Army in the "Fuchsbau" was scrapped immediately after reunification.

Qualification badge of the highest performance class of the automated command and control system