"Highly Visited Deep Underground...."
"...entering... the `Fuchsbau` is still an event.
Old-served assured credibly that they had not succeeded in 35 NVA years.
So the times are changing.
Let's venture into the laby rinth, which some overzealous colleagues, who once again know a little more than all others wanted to know (and see), almost became the doom.
"Restricted zone P" is emblazoned ominously above the entrance to the tube system.
Down it goes, and everything is somehow unmistakably military,without being able to say why.
One is almost inclined to take a stance.
It becomes narrower and narrower, thick steel doors open - it must look something like this in a submarine.
And then suddenly you are standing in a huge room, the actual command post for air surveillance..."

Federal President Dr.Weizsäcker visited the "Fuchsbau" 1991
"Märkische Oderzeitung" from 2.May 1991
Other guests after 1990 in the "Fuchsbau":

1990 -Inspector General of the German Armed Forces,Admiral Wellershoff
1991 -Defense Minister of Great Britain,Tom King M.P.
. . . . -Federal President Dr.Richard von Weizsäcker
. . . . -Commanding General of the Air Fleet,Lieutenant General John
. 1992 -Inspector General of the German Armed Forces,General Naumann
. 1993 -Commander of the Swedish Air Force,Lieutenant General Englund
1994 -Ambassador of the United States,Robert E. Hunter
. . . . -Commander in Chief, U.S. Air Force,General McPeak
et al.