The "Fuchsbau" from 1945 to 1960

Main entrance

Load entrance
Main and load entrance of the old "Fuchsbau" 1956.
The concrete covering of the load entrance that exists today was not poured in until 1978.
As late as 1956, it was still possible to climb down into the bunkers via a stairway and a transverse gallery.
Today, the emergency exit shaft is located at the site.
How the bunker looked after the end of the war, can be read in the following report to the head of the former Main Administration Training (HVA) of the barracked people's police (KVP) General Inspector Hoffmann from 8.2.1952, which I was kindly provided by the FB publisher Basdorf.

. From the report at that time it becomes evident:
The plant is already reconnoitered and surveyed in 1952 by the barracked people's police.
Afterwards it results that the bunker plant was finished in 1945 in concrete construction and interior equipment.
The entrances are damaged by blasting and the interior furnishings are largely removed.
Barrier layers are damaged in several places.
The facility was equipped with hot air heating,its own electricity and water supply.
In some places the already very thin covering of the tunnel tubes was missing.
Pictures show that in addition to the main entrance, there are three other exits, which stand freely in the landscape.
It was suggested that a working accommodation for the staff of the HVA be built here.
Renewed inspections of the plant by forces of the NVA were carried out in 1956,1958 and 1959.
To expand the "cover facility", a fold in the terrain on the north side was already being considered.
Only afterwards the integration of the plant into the use concept of the NVA took place as a procedure "measure spider".

. Otherwise, no one seems to be interested in the bunker after the population had taken everything useful.
Only in 1958 the forestry office wants to grow mushrooms in the dark tubes.
But then the area is fenced again in 1960 and guarded by police officers.