The "Fuchsbau" after 1990

The NVA disassembles: Scrap heap in front of the freight elevator

The entrance gallery is bricked up and backfilled.
After German reunification in 1990, the NVA's ZGS-14 object was still converted for the Bundeswehr Air Force at a cost of 10.8 million deutschmarks until the withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1994 and operated as an Air Defense Sector 5 command post with an SAR control center.
The Soviet "ALMAS" command and control system had become obsolete and was scrapped.
Some of the technical equipment was moved to bunker vulnerability studies.
Everything that did not find a buyer was disposed of.
Before the bunker was finally decommissioned, it still served the Bundeswehr and other institutions for elaborate signature measurements.
In 1995, the bunkers were completely sealed by mining.
All cavities leading to the outside were filled with a concrete-slag mixture and bricked up.
All utility connections for electricity, air, water and heating were destroyed at that time.
The backfilling was actually intended to render this bunker facility useless forever.
The former barracks object 500m to the north is used commercially today.
However, exactly 10 years after the closure, a spectacular reopening succeeds and hundreds of visitors could see the remaining remains in the catacombs.

From 2005 to 2009, the Interessengemeinschaft Bunker-Fuchsbau gem. e.V. took care of the leased structure and also offered public tours.

Almost 20 years after German reunification, the federal government sold the area of almost 200 hectares including bunkers to a private citizen in 2009, who made the current technical monument open to the public again.