Integration of the "Fuchsbau" ZGS-14 in the Warsaw Treaty
Until 1990, the bunker facility in Fürstenwalde was an important object within the air defense system of the Warsaw Treaty states.

The lines drawn in red indicate the "ALMAS" data lines between the command posts of the unified system of air defense of the member states, which were also equipped with this automated command and control system in the years 1978 to 1990.
In the GDR, the air situation was recorded by the subordinate radio battalions according to commanded specifications based on "Order 90/85 of the Chief LSK/LV" and reported automatically to the "Fuchsbau" Central Command Post ZGS-14 in Fürstenwalde via the command posts of the two air defense divisions (GS-31 and GS-33) near Neubrandenburg and Cottbus.
Here, the processing and dissemination of the situation and other messages took place in the data network.
The command posts of the land forces, the navy, the border troops and the GDR Ministry of Defense automatically received selective air situation notification from Fürstenwalde.